About Us

On this page find out the service level and product quality you can expect from Tropical Coolers, and our full contact details. You can also learn about the owner’s business, pricing and environmental ethics, the types of charities I support, the people behind the business and our history.

For more information about our business flow, i.e. questions about how to order, when and how do I pay, when do I receive my goods, and who’s delivering them, please visit the ordering page. For a price request, visit the quote page.

The environment is very important to us, please read about our ethics.

The Owner


My name is Gavin Reid, proprietor of Tropical Coolers since September 1994. Like many of us, I’ve swapped and changed my working life, as well as location, finally discovering that running my own business is where I want to be. Before starting Tropical Coolers, my working background has included:

Contact Me

All administration of the business is handled from my Hobart premises. The production facilities have remained in Queensland, with all products dispatched directly to you.

Postal Address:
14 Baintree Avenue
Dynnyrne, Tasmania 7005 Australia

Telephone (Phone/Ph./Tel.):
(03) 6231 5188 (within Australia)
+61 3 6231 5188 (International)
Mobile Telephone (Mob./Cell.):
0418 772 789 (within Australia)
+61 418 772 789 (International)

Please phone ahead for an appointment, if you’d like to meet in person.

I’m often on the phone so your call may be diverted to a message service. Please leave a message and your telephone number, and that way I can spend my money speaking to you, rather than the other way around.

If you’re calling from overseas, please check the time differences between your country and Australia. We’re on A.E.S.T. (Australian Eastern Standard Time), and I’m usually in the office between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.


Tasmanian Business Number:
BN 01504721
Queensland Business Number:
BN 5437428
Australian Business Number:
ABN 30 369 421 077

Business Ethics

Should you decide that you’d like to buy your neoprene products from us, the following lists our product, service quality and high standard that we strive for.

We’ve carefully selected freight companies to ensure that your order arrives intact and on time (see our delivery page). We use Bendigo Bank’s online MOTO service to process credit cards (if you choose this payment method). Their site is fully encrypted for your protection — see our payment information page.

If you’d like to start dealing with us, please select any of the products on the home page, and click through to the quote page. Please also read the ordering page. If you like, just give me a ring on (03) 6231 5188 (within Australia) or +61 3 6231 5188 (International). I’m a good communicator, and I love to talk — as my friends and business associates will agree!

Trademark Disclaimer

All of the printed neoprene products featured on this site are print over-runs of orders that were sold by me, either directly to a client, or via one of my many re-sellers worldwide. They are displayed to show the product range, printing techniques and colours available.

The other branded products on this site are shown to indicate their effective product fitment. None of the brands, logos or messages on this site constitutes my endorsement of a particular brand, business, or product, or their endorsement of our business or products.

Pricing Ethics

I am a wholesaler, but don’t expect to pay too much. My aim is to be the lowest cost wholesaler of top quality, Australian & Chinese made neoprene goods within Australia.

I always endeavour to offer my lowest price first — you can request a quote on the Quoting and Pricing page.

In the unlikely event that another quote beats mine, all I ask is that you forward a copy, as I’d like to earn your business. You can of course, for moral and ethical purposes, delete my competitor’s contact details. I’d need to know that a competitor was offering an equivalent product, from the same country of origin, before reviewing our price.

There are many other wholesalers importing finished neoprene products, and I’ve seen some items being illegally touted as having been made in Australia, when they were not. I do things a little differently. I do not hide the country of origin!

You are NOT paying for any of the following things normally associated with a promotional products business.

How I Started The Business

I first arrived in tropical North Queensland (Port Douglas) in 1992. Somewhere in the move, my much-loved stubby cooler was lost. I was amazed that in such a hot climate, a replacement was hard to find. I was sure there was a market for them and decided to act!

There was no Internet in ‘92, but my relentless search yielded a manufacturer in Queensland, and as luck would have it, the owners — Jim and Eva — were holidaying just down the road in Cairns.

After sharing a beer or two with them, I soon discovered they were very passionate about their business, and had some great products in addition to the standard can and stubbie cooler I was after.

They’d just converted their factory from making custom fitted wet suits to neoprene promotional products, and I was one of their first clients.

I began trading as Tropical Coolers in September 1994 (Queensland BN5437428). Initially my main market was wholesaling pre-printed, generic coolers to souvenir stores in Port Douglas and Cairns. Tropical Coolers soon began supplying pubs, restaurants and tour companies with custom printed products.

Once the Internet arrived, I was excited by the potential to reach clients all over Australia, and the world. I had many, many people tell me, “They’d never buy anything on the Internet — you’re wasting your time”. How wrong they were. I met Greg from Port Douglas Internet Services, and together we launched what I believe was the first website in Australia dedicated to wholesaling neoprene promotional products.

The Business Now

Much has changed since those early days in Port Douglas. I have sold several million products now, love what I do for a living, and intend on staying in the neoprene business until the day I retire!

I’ve now moved to Hobart in Tasmania, after getting sick of the tropical heat, but the name Tropical Coolers has stuck. I’ve grown along with Jim and Eva’s factory, which is now principally managed by their sons, extended family and factory floor staff. I have sold more products from their factory than any other wholesaler in Australia, and have exported over 50 countries world wide.

In late 2012, it became apparent I could no longer ignore the ‘flood’ of cheaper Chinese manufactured neoprene goods coming in to Australia & being sent directly to my potential clients overseas. I’ve carefully selected a factory in China that make high quality goods, have a great level of service and business ethics, with whom I can combine my (at the time of updating this site) 18 years of experience wholesaling neoprene goods.

So that you’re not confused, the references to ‘we/us/our’ on this website refer to the two businesses, working and growing with each other. The Australian or Chinese factories manufacture, and lodge your order with the appropriate freight service, after I’ve handled the marketing, art preparation, art proof and approval, sales and after sales service.

Charitable Donations

There are over 20,000 registered charitable organisations in Australia, and I imagine, many millions worldwide. I have carefully selected the charitable organisations that Tropical Coolers contributes to — those that distribute funds to the causes I believe should benefit.

If you are not one of the charities I already support, then please don’t contact me with requests for free products or financial donations.

I’ll certainly consider supplying you our products at a reduced rate to normal to assist with your fundraising efforts. But, please understand that a reasonable proportion of my existing clients use our products for fundraising, and if I gave you all free products, I’d soon be broke!