‘The Beer Compass©’ Cylinder With Base Can/Stubbie/Stubby/Bottle Cooler/Holder — Product Code 002 Bc

*Exclususive To Tropical Coolers*

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The Beer Compass Story

Like many Australians (and people world wide) I enjoy the occasional alcoholic drink or three. It was the 28th of March, 2008, and I’d been to my favourite Hobart pub (The Republic Bar and Café) for the night, to see a performance by “The Gin Club” an Australian rock band. After a great night out, and many beers later, I decided to walk (with a tiny bit of staggering involved) home.

There I was, slogging up the hill, with a big grin on my face, thinking to myself ‘what a wonderful thing to have built into my brain, a beer compass’ (or something like that). To explain — ‘A Beer Compass’ is a great Australian saying, which describes the ability of an inebriated person to find their way home, even when most other functions have shut down (e.g. the ability to talk).

Then I had what’s known as a ‘Eureka moment’. It was a cold night, and after thrusting my hands into my coat pockets to keep them warm, I felt the familiar ‘squishyness’ of one of my stubby coolers (being in the stubby cooler business, I always take at least one with me on a night out).

I thought to myself — why not build a compass into a stubby cooler? That way, if your internal system was to ever fail, you’ve got back-up! What’s more, it’s built into something that no self respecting drinker should ever be without! We could print a basic map, (with local features noted) of your favourite pub, club, restaurant, party, or event with North to the top, and then the compass could actually be used to find your way there, or home afterwards!

The cat that I stopped to pitch my great idea to did not share my enthusiasm, but I was determined to take my idea into production. I hope you’ll find my beer compasses funnier and more useful than the cat would have.

www.thebeercompass.com is registered to me and I hold exclusive copyright and intellectual property rights over the concept of this product.