Neoprene Colours Available

The closed cell foam neoprene (25% neoprene, 75% elasticizors) used to manufacture all of our products is black, but is covered on both sides by coloured jersey, which is a stretchy synthetic fabric. The jersey becomes the product colour. See the charts below for current stock colours.

Sheet thicknesses of 2, 3, 5 or 8 mm, are stocked. Please refer to the individual product/s specifications for pricing on our available colour range. The jersey selections are also noted with a Pantone™ spot colour as a guide to ‘actual’ colour. A visit to your local printer, and viewing an up to date Pantone™ spot colour wheel will give you the best ‘true to life’ match with our colour range. The jersey colour and generally non-visible reverse side may vary slightly from batch to batch.

Single Colour Screen Print and Plastisol Transfer Prints

We can only use the colours below with our single colour screen print and plastisol transfer print techniques. It is possible to mix the product colours within one order, in multiples of 10.

Dye Sublimation Print

Pre-coloured neoprene sheets can’t be used as the base for dye sublimation print, only white (available in 2mm, 3mm and 5mm sheet thickness). Please ignore completely the colour charts below if you require this printing style. With dye sublimation printing you are not limited to choosing from our colour charts, because the background colour is printed at the same time as the rest of your design. Once printed, your unlimited colour art with background colour completely covers the blank, so that none of the white product blank will show on the finished product.

Using the Colour Charts

When viewing our colour charts, please be aware that computer screens display colours using combinations of red, green and blue hues (RGB), while dyed jersey covering on both sides of the neoprene uses combinations of cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) to create individual colours. Many CMYK colours simply cannot be displayed accurately using an RGB colour palette, therefore we strongly advise that you consult a Pantone™ spot colour chart.

Equally, all computers display colours differently based on their age and monitor specifications. As a computer screen ages, the colours shift to the red end of the spectrum — so what you may see as wood-brown may appear rust-brown on another, different computer. Purple hues are also a problem due to their red component.

In most cases, I can post you a sample product from a previously printed batch, (see Pre production sample policy), or a sample colour swatch prior to ordering if you’re concerned about how the finished product colour will look. It is much easier to match corporate colours with the print/s, rather than the product/s. The ink used for single colour screen-printing, or multiple colour plastisol transfer is mixed much like paint and can be closely matched to your logo colours. It’s best at the time of ordering to supply Pantone™ spot colour numbers, or equivalent colour matching system. Please view our printing techniques page for more information.

Matching to Corporate Colours

It’s possible to have the neoprene-jersey closely matched to your corporate colour, at the factory in China. We can order neoprene sheets with the jersey covering dyed to the hue of your specific Pantone™ colour, or any similar colour matching system. However, this will take some extra time, add a bit to the cost & can only be done where substantial quantities of manufactured neoprene goods are ordered — in most cases, 1,000 + units. Please enquire. As I’ve mentioned, it’s much easier to match the print colours.

Metallic Colours and Camoflauge

Our metallic gold, copper and silver colours have a ‘glitter’ look to them. Camo, short for camouflage, is a pre-printed neoprene, which is similar to Australian Army issue camouflage. Camouflage does not respond well when screen-printed with opaque inks such as white or yellow because some of the background pattern shows through the design.

2mm Neoprene Colour - Australian product


3mm Neoprene Colour - Australian product


5mm Neoprene Colour - Australian product


8mm Neoprene Colour - Australian product


Neoprene Colour - Chinese Product