Custom Manufactured Products

As well as the neoprene products offered on this site, we can custom manufacture a product to suit a particular application. We can also modify our existing products, to suit a particular need.

Examples of Custom Products We Have Supplied

In the past, we’ve supplied (but not limited to this list):

Materials for Custom Products


We stock 2,3,5 and 8 mm neoprene sheets (some with non slip checker plate pattern reverse side) in a variety of colours, 2 grades of zip, Velcro stripping, 3 widths of nylon webbing, 2 widths of Mauser tape, 2 types of plastic clips, metal split rings, 20 CD/DVD flip album inserts, lanyard ID holders and varying thicknesses of thread.

We can offer a wide range of stitching styles, and 3 different printing techniques. All of these components, along with many years of expertise of the production team can be put together to make your concept product a reality.

Minimum Quantities

To have a product custom made for you, please understand that we would (depending on the product specifications) require an initial order of 500 + units, once the product is developed. Sorry, we don’t have the resources to make a single, ‘one off’ product, unless a larger order is to follow.

Steps to Ordering a Custom Product

Step 1 — Supply Your Item

The usual approach we take, in the development of a new product is to ask you to supply one ‘thing’ that you wish the neoprene product to fit.

It is generally not sufficient be provided a rough sketch, or ‘idea’, as we need to be able to hand make an initial, exact sized sample based directly on it’s intended use.

Step 2 — Quote

From this, we can determine neoprene sheet (+ additional raw materials) usage, and roughly calculate the labour component of the unit costs.

Depending on the prototype’s complexity and raw material content, we may charge a small fee for this service.

If you decide to go ahead with a full production run, and a special knife is required (for cutting odd shaped product blanks) we may also ask for a contribution towards the cost.

Step 3 — Production

We can then send this initial prototype, along with a full quote to supply a full production run to you.

Copyright and Patents

I’m happy to sign agreements, whereby we agree not to disclose or produce your new product without your permission.

Please be aware, that in addition to the copyright issues surrounding the print, there also exists many similar legal issues surrounding the structure of a product. If you send us a product idea which is not recognisable by us as infringing the designer or manufacturer’s rights, you do so at your own risk and this also absolves us (but not you) from having legal action taken against you.

We may refuse to make your product, if we feel there’s been a violation of copyright, trademark or patent, on a moral, as well as legal ground.

If you’ve come up with a brilliant new product idea, be aware it may already exist! We can often make something conceptually similar to an existing item, especially if it’s a variation of one of our existing products.

Get Your Idea Started

If you’d like to go ahead with moving through the process of bringing your product, ‘to life’ then please contact me.