Sun Glass Straps — Product Code 553

Printing Techniques Available

Single colour Screen Print

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Plastisol Transfer Print (from 2 to 6 colour print)

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Unlimited colour Dye Sublimation Print

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Our Sun Glass Strap Partner Business

UV Wraps

Our straps are also supplied to UV Wraps ‘N Straps, a Ballart based sun and safety glass wholesaler, supplying hundreds of hardware (and other) stores across Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Sold as a package deal, you’re able to buy small print runs (as few as 50) of our sun glass straps, when you purchase sun and safety eye glasses from them.

To get the minimum down to 50, UV Wraps ‘N Straps buy 500 at a time, and as there are 10 ‘slots’ per screen, this produces multiples of 50. The colors are set at 40% black, and 20% each of navy blue, turquoise and wine, all with white screen print.

If you want straps only, you can buy these direct from me, in minimum print runs of 100 (see above).